"A" Grade NAAC Re-accredited (3rd Cycle)

Kisan Vidya Prasarak Sanstha's
Kisan Arts, Commerce And Science College
Tal. Parola, Dist. Jalgaon, 425111 (M.S.) AISHE CODE: C-8863
Affilated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon


1.Poor Boys Fund :

Since the beginning of the College the scheme of Poor Boy Fund has been functioning under the supervision of the Principal.
  1. This scheme supports needy and poor students.
  2. It was introduced in order to aid students for higher studies.
  3. Many students have been benefited by this scheme every year and the college is always ready to help others.
  4. Areas covered:Fee Discount, Book bank ,Medical Treatment and Earn while Learn..(as per applicable)

For more Information Please Contact: Principal, Kisan Arts Commerce and Science College Parola.

2. Karmveer –Bhaurao Patil Earn and Learn Scheme :

  1. To help poor, needy and economically backward students.
  2. To develop interest in their young minds with respect to self reliance/employment.
  3. To build dignity of labour in them.
  4. Earning limit: 3 hours/day
  5. Since 2005, North Maharashtra University has started providing the Financial Aid to the college for this scheme.
  6. Financial aid provided as-Rs 15(Rs 10 from North Maharashtra University + Rs.5from Home College).

University sanctions fund to the student for only 1% of the total strength of the Senior College If the number of students under the scheme increases the college bears the rest amount.

Year No. of Students University Share College Share Total
2007-08 5 4050 1950 6,000
2008-09 10 24,000 6,000 30,000
2009-10 10 38,400 9,600 48,000
2010-11 12 46,080 11,520 57,600
2011-12 13 5,9748 27,222 86,970
  • Students helps in day to day activity of the college
  • Students helps in Library work, reading room
  • Computer data operator, Office work
  • Students in this scheme also carry out tree plantation, in campus maintenance
  • From 15 th September 2011 students should be paid Rs. 15 per hr- 3 hrs in a day.
  • Total 480 hrs in a year.
  • Out of this Rs. 15, Rs 10 paid by NMU and Rs. 5 Paid by the College.

For further information: Please contact to the Principal or Nodal Officer of the Student Welfare Department.

3. University Scholarship Schemes

4.Kisan Poor Student Welfare Scheme (KPSWS)

Financially very poor students are selected conducting interviews and other designed rules by the committee. The students are adopted by the staff to fulfill their essential academic financial needs like examination fee, excursion charges, record book, and traveling fare.

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